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You can accomplish your charitable goals in several ways through the Foundation. You can make donations to the foundation or you may make donations to establish one of several different types of funds:

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Field of Interest Funds

With a field of interest fund, you can designate a
specific cause (such as the arts, education, or
poverty relief) or a specific geographic area to
receive grants without having to name a specific

Designated Funds

Designate one or more Charities to receive distributions.

Soup Kitchen
Classmates in the Library

Donor Advised Funds

Make ongoing recommendations for grants to charitable organizations.

Endowed or Non-Endowed

All of the above can be established as either endowed funds or non-endowed funds.  With an endowed fund, distributions are made from the income earned from the fund but not the principal. With a non-endowed fund, distributions can be made from both the income and the principal

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